Organisations I teach at
I am an experienced astrological tutor and currently teach for the organisations listed below. I teach at all levels, from beginner to advanced, across a wide range of subject areas such as natal chart work, forecasting, locational astrology, relationship astrology, and the history and philosophy of astrology.  
Private Tuition & Supervision
I also offer private tuition and supervision, which you can book using the form below. Private tuition is suitable if you are looking for practice to develop your skills or gain confidence at any stage of study. Supervision is suitable for advanced students and astrologers embarking on professional practice, to help you make the transition into client work. Sessions can be one-off, occasional or regular. Fee: £70 per hour.
Asteria Teaching
Co-managed by Kim Farley & Carole Taylor
We offer online masterclasses on a variety of astrological topics, plus online mentoring groups for students wanting to practice chart interpretation skills. These classes and groups will appeal to anyone wishing to improve their chart skills and learn new chart-work topics.
Centre for Astrology, Myth & Symbol
Co-managed by Evelyn Roberts & Carole Taylor
We offer online courses and residential workshops which explore astrology’s relationship to psychology, archetype, myth and symbol, including courses on Astrology & the Symbolic Imagination, Astrology & Alchemy, and Greek Mythology. These courses will appeal to anyone wishing to enrich their understanding of astrological symbolism, moving behind the techniques to engage a much deeper connection.
Contributing tutors: Brian Clark, Jason Holley, Clare Martin, Safron Rossi, Carole Taylor.
Astrology University
Owned and managed by Tony Howard
This is a USA-based school which offers a comprehensive training programme, from beginner to advanced/practitioner. The course is fully online, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the world. You can take individual modules too, so it’s also great for learning or revising a particular topic. There is also a regular programme of webinars that runs throughout the year.
Instructors: includes Lynn Bell, Brian Clark, Darby Costello, Steven Forrest, Demetra George, Tony Howard, Mark Jones, Safron Rossi, Carole Taylor.
Relationships and Astrology
Owned and managed by Margaret Gray
This school offers a well-established course on the Astrology of Relationships. In addition, a new course is planned beginning October 2024 on Psychological Astrology, taught by Margaret, Jorge and myself. This will be suitable for students with existing knowledge of astrology who want to learn how to practice it from a more psychological perspective, viewing the chart as a reflection of family themes and psychological dynamics.
Tutors & Guest Tutors: Margaret Gray, Jorge Lancinha, Rachel Lang, Anne Ortelee, Yvonne Smith Tarnas, Carole Taylor.
Private Tuition & Supervision Terms and Conditions
Payment must be made in full at least 48 hours in advance of the session. If I do not receive payment by 48 hours in advance, I will consider it free to book another student.
No refunds will be given once the payment is made. We can however reschedule the session, as long as I am notified 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.
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